Hello, Universe!

Turns out I finally got Bootstrap.js to work with Symfony2 on Heroku. Yeah! So, this is just one of their standard examples I'm doing little mods to.

Yikes! are the colors ever drab! I godda work on that.

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My Projects

A summary of tecnhologies I've been learning recently. My focus has been on web and mobile development, specifically:

  • Android (Java, XML, Android Studio)
  • jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Symfony2, Composer, Doctrine, Bootstrap.js
  • heroku.com
  • 'mobile first' (principally with jQuery and Bootstrap.js)

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My Technical Blog

When I'm being good, I try to capture difficulties I've had, and explain how I overcame them, and what I learned.

This re-directs to a cheap old server in my house, where I'm hosting a Druapl blog.

Because of the re-direct, and the exceptionally low traffic, there's a lag to serve up the page--but not nearly as slow as a free heroku site.

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Soviet eCards

I made this site long ago in very flat PHP. I intend soon to use this concept to exercise heroku + Symfony.

Nevertheless, it's a cute attempt at PHP + MySQL. --completely devoid of CSS or JavaScript.

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=============below is earlier practice I was doing=======================

I'm following the tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIcY5YYfZ14

by that English guy, Chris Moss. Very thorough vid. Nice!

The name if this file is: tutorialwelcome.html.twig

Here's the variable we passed via the command line: so-and-so!